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What we do

ay-pe (pronounced 'A' 'P') is a creative, vibrant and highly-experienced digital design agency, working across all things audio, visual, software, interactive or immersive to deliver exceptional,  digital experiences for museums and heritage attractions.


Our boundless ideas, passion and technical skills create exhibits which captivate, entertain, educate and inspire millions of visitors from across the world, opening their minds to anywhere which a museum wants them to go.


Our expertise

Our team is expert in all aspects of creating digital experiences, exhibitions and galleries: from newly produced, large-scale, dynamic immersive AV films, soundscapes, 4K, visual-effects, graphics or animation, to 3D CGI, interactives, VR, AR or gaming apps, as well as software, projections, reflections, and anything else to deliver the experience. We’re proud to offer all of the production skills required for our projects, in-house, meaning we are quickly responsive, flexible and agile to our clients’ ideas and needs.


Our clients

Delivering the highest quality, bespoke work to each brief, we collaborate with museum clients, designers, project managers and more, as a trusted, dependable, ’hands on’ partner: giving the right interpretation of subject matter/ content for them and their visitors.


With over two decades of dedicated experience in the museums and heritage sector, we’re experts in understanding those sector partners, their needs and processes and most importantly, what would enthral their visitors. Consequently we are trusted by a diverse range of clients not just to design and create digital exhibits, but to also manage the flow and narrative of entire galleries of digital pieces within regionally, nationally and globally significant attractions.


Our goals

Our goals, no matter what the subject matter we're working with, are always to delight the visitor: stimulating thoughts and emotions, making our client’s messages clear to them, the experience exceptional and giving that museum visitor a life-long memory of their visit that is simply ‘wow’.

Key people


Simon Ackerley - Managing Director

Born: The glorious North East to Dot and John.

Bred: Teesside University, 1995 - 1998

Co-Founder ay-pe, 2008 (the 'A' in ay-pe)

Richard Playford - Creative Director

Born: Leeds to Keith and Christine.

Bred: Edinburgh College of Art, 1992 -1996

Co-Founder ay-pe, 2008 (the 'P' in ay-pe)

 Vicky Blakey - Producer

Born: Bradford to Dorothy and Bob.

Bred: Coventry University (Fine Art), 1991 - 1994

Anna Caban - Media Designer

Born: Gorzow Wlkp. to Ewa and Marek

Bred: The Royal Academy of Art, 2008 - 2012

Simon Kendrew - Senior Software Developer

Born: Aylesbury to Philip and Frances.

Bred: Nene University College, Northampton, 1995 - 1998

Helena Wiggins - Engagement

Born: Leeds to Norman and Trudy.

Bred: Durham & Northumbria Universities, 2001 - 2008

In addition to our Key People, we have an extensive team of filmmakers, animators, visual-effects artists, programmers, illustrators and more and are always interested to hear from other experienced creators too: see 'Work With Us' for more detail.

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