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BROOKLANDS MUSEUM: Brooklands was one of Britain's first airfields and its Aircraft Factory was the centre of aviation engineering and manufacture for 80 years. As part of a regeneration project to highlight this heritage, ay-pe was appointed to design and produce 23 x Media Exhibits which explain the history of the design, development and manufacture of aircraft. Each exhibit had to exude the joy of discovery, be educational (without feeling so), and be engaging and entertaining.


With interactives, archive films, soundscapes and more, ay-pe focussed on the end visitor experience, delivering immersive  media which tells the story of aviation and Brooklands, whilst broadening audiences and inspiring a new generation of engineers, designers and makers.


SERVICES: Concept Development /  Location Filming / Visual-FX / 3D Modelling / Large-scale AV / Sound Design / Sound-scape / Editing /Multi-touch programming / Encoding / Installation / Hardware Liaison


ATTRACTION: Brooklands Museum, Surrey



CLIENT: Brooklands Museum



DESIGNERS: Ralph Appelbaum Associates (RAA)




INTERACTIVES: Several touchscreen interactives were produced  to  engage the visitor in historic aviation engineering and open their imaginations to the environmental, resource and technical needs of future aircraft design.


"PRINCIPLES OF FLIGHT" The aim of this interactive is to show how the principles of flight (eg lift, thrust, drag and weight), which drive aircraft design, work. A bright, animated visual which draws on the graphic scheme of the exhibition


"DESIGN IT - CIVIL AIRCRAFT" This interactive enables visitors to design a civil aircraft. Working with civil aviation experts, this game is designed to reflect the technical possibilities available so the user has a greater understanding of engineering.

"DESIGN IT - MILITARY AIRCRAFT" An interactive which enables visitors to design a military aircraft. Using stylised 'Cold War' iconography, the game has a memorable feeling of secrecy and subterfuge.


"DESIGN A FUTURE AIRCRAFT" A touch screen interactive where visitors can discover/ understand potential future flight components, draw them together in a design board and then launch their personalised craft into virtual airspace; displaying them proudly on the large screens in front.

ARCHIVE AV & LARGE SCALE PROJECTION (above): The use of the entire structure of the Bellman Hangar for audio and visual purposes became a key part of the museum project. Two large-scale wall projections help contextualise the hangar’s use as a place for assembling aircraft.


ay-pe researched, selected and pieced together archive footage and imagery both to show assembly of aircraft in the factory and the history of aircraft styles through the decades. Ensuring full visitor appreciation of the projection, the text of the footage and the projection space itself was adapted to ensure nothing was lost within the corrugated walls. With additional special effects, colouring and graphic treatments, the projections frame the history of the entire exhibition.




ARCHIVE AV & BITE-SIZED LEARNING (below): As visitors follow the path of the museum through the design workshops, they pause in front of various screens showing workshop specific archive videos, footage and modern recordings.


ay-pe treated, edited and subtitled the original pieces whilst also producing modern footage to show current day engineering practices at Brooklands and the timelapse movement of the Bellman Hangar itself. All pieces were edited to reflect the exhibition area in which they are located, so that they deliver understandable, informative and highly contextual experiences to the visitor.





THE WORKSHOP SOUND-SCAPE: ay-pe's diverse sound-scape adds to the visitor’s immersion in a 'living factory', with everything from the chatter around the clocking-in machine to the industrious hammering, riveting and welding which would have been heard around this active workshop. Researching, designing, producing and balancing the audio atmosphere, ay-pe's audio ensures that the visitor experiences a dynamic, authentic and inspiring time in the factory.





ORAL HISTORY SOUND-POINTS: ay-pe produced the audio content for 10 different audio points around the museum.


Developed from the museum’s archive of raw audio clips, ay-pe cleaned, edited and delivered informative yet easily-digestible source content across a wide range of topics including life in and outside of the flight shed, as well as personal stories through war and peace-time in the factory.




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