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ay-pe were  media designers producing over 20 media exhibits including films, animations, interactives, audio sound-scapes, an audio tour & 3D CGI models throughout the WWI, HMS Caroline exhibition.




CLIENT: National Museum of the Royal Navy

DESIGNERS: Petrichor

SOUND DESIGN: Finiflex, Edinburgh







ABOVE: 18m long, 3x screen, 5:1 Dolby Surround Sound, 10 minute long AV show telling the story of the Battle of Jutland utilising CGimagery, 3D Models, Chroma Key & Matte Painting.



ABOVE: Visual Effects Breakdown. 3D Sea & Battleship, 3D Textures, Compositing & Lighting. Particle Dynamics 'Fire & Smoke' VFX.



BELOW: Multi-user 3 meter wide touch-screen interactive. Visitors can select 185 points-of-interest to learn more about HMS Caroline and how she worked using the 3D model as navigation.



ABOVE: Fleet Explorer shows visitors all of the ships, both British & German, which fought in the battle of Jutland, their commanders, casualties & Squadrons as well as biographies from the Admirals right down to HMS Caroline's on-board mascot.



BELOW: Signals touch-screen interactive


ABOVE: Caroline's Bridge Game. Built using the Unity game engine users are encouraged to steer the ship,  joining a Battle cruiser convoy on a mission to engage the enemy.

ABOVE: Audio sound-scapes being the set dressed rooms to life.


ABOVE: Engine room AV.  Large speakers bring the ships engines to life while projectors produce a visual spectacle using spinning turbines, fire, steam.



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