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Sketch: Copyright Graham Owens, Technovations




Longleat 'Talking Portraits' tell the story of Longleat's  infamous Ghost 'The Grey Lady' Lady Louisa Cartaret. The installation resides in the Great Hall built into set-works designed to resemble a work-in-progress art restoration.  With a duration of 5 minutes the 'portraits' start tell the story of Viscount Thynne and Lady Cartaret one time residents of Longleat and the mystery that surrounds her death.



HARDWARE / DESIGN / INSTALLATION: Graham Owens, Technovations Ltd

AV PRODUCER: Vicky Blakey.

CGI / EDITING: ay-pe.

SCRIPTWRITING: Richard Taylor.

AUDIO: Finiflex






Photography: Graham Owens, Technovations




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