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The Astonishing Life and Times of Madame Tussaud is a projection mapped film telling the story of Madam Tussaud her upbringing during the French Revolution, her showmanship and her life in London selling 'celebrity' to the masses.  The live-action sequences were shot in a chroma-key studio with post-production and VFX completed in-house by ay-pe.


The film is installed at both Madame Tussaud Singapore & Orlando, Florida.



CLIENT: Merlin Entertainments


CAMERAMAN: Chris Robson

SOUND: Adam Nabarro-Steel

VFX ARTIST: Richard Playford

3D ARTIST: Simon Ackerley

PRODUCER: Vicky Blakey

MAKE-UP: Fiona Lobo-Cranston

SOUNDSCAPE: John Vick, Finiflex.

Copyright Merlin Entertainments



Chroma Key filming of the character Charles Dickens. Great care was taken to choose authentic costume and make-up. The post produced image transformed the character into an oil painting and a fly-poster .


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