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 THE D-DAY STORY: ay-pe designed and produced all of the audio visual (AV) media as part of the multi-million pound refurbishment project for the D-Day Story Museum in Portsmouth.  It is the only museum in the UK dedicated to the Allied Invasion in June 1944 and is based on ordinary people working together to achieve the extraordinary.


Telling the unique personal stories behind this epic event, ay-pe designed and produced 12 x exhibits including 5 x Interactives and 7 x large scale AVs, helping to submerge the visitor in the feelings, emotions and legacy of D-Day.

SERVICES: Concept Development / Location Filming /

Visual-FX / 3D Modelling / Sound Design / Editing /

Colouring/ Animation/ Multi-touch programming / Encoding / Hardware Liaison


ATTRACTION: The D-Day Story, Portsmouth



CLIENT: Portsmouth City Council - Portsmouth Museums







"Stunning imagery, audio-visual presentations and hands-on interactives which help to bring the story to life" - The D-Day Story.

LANDING CRAFT: The Landing Craft exhibit brings the fears and emotions of real-life soldiers to life, as the visitor watches seemingly 3D, life-size, WWII military men, talk directly to them about their feelings on the imminent landing.


ay-pe scripted, styled, directed, filmed, green-screened, post-edited and soundscaped this piece, ready for it to be reflected as a  'Pepper's Ghost'; drawing the visitor into the events of D-Day landing and the soldiers stories.






As a lot of those going into battle, had kept their thoughts hidden. ay-pe's scriptwriter studied footage, letters and quotes from D-Day veterans, so the visitor  hears the soldier's hidden thoughts, whilst keeping the script and voices authentic to the occasion.


ay-pe's soundscape adds to the visitor’s immersion in events and emotions, by emitting the sounds of other crafts and overhead noises, all of which the soldiers and visitors hear and react to simultaneously - a joint experience.






The scripts were written with emotion playing a key factor.  These people had important jobs to do but inside they were as scared, angry and as apprehensive as the next person.  It was their emotions which ay-pe needed to convey.  All actors were filmed against a green screen with special care being taken in selecting their costumes and uniforms, for true authenticity.



PREPARATION FOR D-DAY: This is a powerful, reflective film showing six characters 24 hours before D-Day. They all have different parts to play on D-Day.  Allies, Enemy, decision makers, etc. Characters include a German Private, French Resistance fighter and a Meteorologist, to name but a few.


ay-pe provided a full film production service including: scripting, costumes, direction, green screen, recording, sound and post-production.




Carefully chosen, original archive footage is mixed with newly created, ay-pe produced, footage showing the allied forces scrambling onto the beaches.


The footage, combined with the textual information, scrolling map illustrations and immersive soundscape, creates a stunning, emotionally powerful exhibit.




THE LANDINGS: We created a large scale AV which is shown as a backdrop to 5 x table-top, scale models of the beaches involved in D-Day.


The AV helps show the wealth of events happening on each beach and at what time of day, whilst maintaining momentum and visitor interest across a large amount of information.  Working with D-Day experts and historians we condensed the information into bite sized chunks; delivering key facts against narrated quotes from the men who were there in the thick of it 70 years ago.




INTERACTIVES: Several touchscreen interactives were produced  to explain the activities surrounding D-Day; cognitively and physically engaging the viewer in the machines, engineering, planning and decision making of the day.


"HOBARTS FUNNIES" Hobarts team developed 'funny looking' armoured vehicles for specific battle situations and tactics. Users explore several vehicle types and then decide which armoured vehicle will work best in which battle scenarios.


"ALLIED DECEPTION" Misinformation was spread deliberately by Allied wartime  spy-masters to deceive the enemy as to their invasion plans.  The user has to determine whether the information is fact or fiction.


"EXPERIENCE IN BATTLE" Users are given ‘missions’ with 3 chapters to each mission. A map shows the territory they have to cover and the dangers within. Their success is determined by their choice in weaponry, troops, reinforcements etc.



OVERLORD EMBROIDERY AND LEGACY - ARCHIVE & INTERVIEWS: The D-Day Story beautifully exhibits the incredible 83 metre long 'Overlord Embroidery', which was commissioned in 1968 to remember those who took part in D-Day and the Battle of Normandy.


We researched and interviewed the weavers of that tapestry to convey their thoughts and feelings around the making of it and the D-Day legacy it carries. Interwoven with original archive footage from the making of the tapestry, this short film, provides the viewer with extra depth of knowledge and context surrounding the legacy of D-Day.


Other short films in the 'Legacy' area of the museum also show our interviews with D-Day Veterans, again interwoven with original archive footage and sound, bringing the legacy of D-Day up to date and soaking the visitor in reflective thoughts and feelings of the day.




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