Inspirational Digital Experiences

The overall illusion is a a three way dialogue between Queen Victoria and the Architect and engineer of Tower Bridge  telling the story behind the building of one of London's most iconic and historic buildings.  The central character & Bookshelf are 3D projection-mapped onto the physical set-work built into the room while the two 'Talking Portrait’ characters are placed on 54" & 42" monitors each set behind gilt frames.



CLIENT: City of London


CAMERAMAN: Chris Robson

SOUND: Adam Nabarro-Steel

MAKE-UP: Fiona Lobo-Cranston

HARDWARE: Technovations




All of the characters were filmed together, captured on 4K RED camera equipment against a chroma key background. Authentic costumed characters and period make-up ensured the authenticity of the film.




At one stage the central character reveals the inner workings Tower Bridge, it's marvel of Victorian Engineering - the engine room. The engine room is a 3D digital model produced in-house.




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