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As part of the newly opened Undercroft Exhibition at York Minster ay-pe were commissioned to produce the media for a series of compelling, visually rich,  interactive chambers, the exhibition contains media produced entirely by ay-pe and includes :

4x Touch-Screen Interactives,

3x Large-scale Projected Films,

4x Liquid Label Films,

9x 3D Modelled ‘Info’ Films



'Minster People' (above) is a table-top multi-touch screen interactive.  Visitors  select a people from the map to access content on the people who work in the Minster.






 (Below) York AD 306, Roman York Matte Painting



Archbishop Walter De Grey interactive touch screen (above) interprets some of the objects that sit adjacent to the interactive, their meaning and where they were found in the Archbishops sarcophagus.



The exhibition projection theatre was specially designed with seating room for over 30 visitors (above, top). The show is delivered via 3x projectors, soft-edge blended to form one continuous image delivering a truly immersive experience.   One of the three super-widescreen films displayed is a historically accurate CGI

& Live-action film (above) telling the story of Emperor Constantine and the birth

of Christianity within the Roman Empire. Shot on Chroma key all of the computer-generated 3D models and post-production visual-effects were produced in-house.



The Gospels Interactive (above) lets visitors turn the pages of this historic manuscript as well as learn more about the texts.

 (Below) Historically Accurate 3D model of York Minster.

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