AV show beats the Covid blues

December 18, 2020

York Castle Museum reopened on 2 December for a festive spectacular of light, sound and magic, provided by immersive digital experience design company AY-PE.

Giving audiences a much-needed lift after the 2020 blues, AY-PE has designed and managed the delivery of ‘A Christmas Spectacular on Kirkgate’, a 35-minute immersive show featuring 10-metre high, 3D projection mapped animated characters, colourful kaleidoscopic scenes and dream-like sequences.


The show’s visual elements were accompanied by a bespoke musical composition, including sprinklings of the iconic Tchaikovsky Nutcracker score. AY-PE also developed several animations to replicate and tie in with curated items from the museum’s Christmas collection.


For yet more immersion, AY-PE collaborated with the museum to dress their historic street in oversized baubles, bold eye-catching characters, Christmas trees and snow, creating a jaw-dropping indoor ‘Narnia’ effect for visitors.


Case study to come. To find out more now, please check out Museum & Heritage Advisor’s article on the ‘Spectacular’ experience and how we overcame Covid constraints to deliver a jaw-dropping, immersive experience.


If you’re in York area Tier 2, head to York Castle Museum to book tickets.


(Top image courtesy of Charlotte Graham)