Opening Auckland Castle’s stories

January 15, 2020

AY-PE have developed several galleries of engaging audio-visual experiences to help entice and inspire visitors with the history, art and architecture of Auckland Castle.

The magnificent Auckland Castle reopened on 2 November 2019 following a multi-million pound restoration – returning the castle to its Georgian gothic splendour. As well as restoring the authentic look of the Castle, the Auckland Project also asked AY-PE to help tell the stories of its heritage through compelling and diverse digital media. 

AY-PE’s work included film edits of their historic archive, newly commissioned animated film to artistically depict the 750 year history and importance of the Prince Bishops, binaural soundscapes to bring the Castle to life and a moving mural to the mining heritage of the area –  projection mapped around a room to immerse the visitor in colour and life.


In addition AY-PE also created a touchcreen interactive to delve behind the stories of the Castle’s globally respected and revered Zurburan art collection.


For more information on the attraction see:


Hardware: FusionLX

Image: House of Hues, courtesy of The Auckland Project