Audio-visual, multimedia and software design to inspire and enthral.


4K & HD / Research / Storyboarding / Scriptwriting / Creative Direction / Re-enactments / Camera, Light & Sound Experts / Studio, Location & Drone Filming / Costumes, Hair & Make-up / Special-Effects / Immersive AV / Multi-projector / Soundscapes / Dolby 5:1 Surround sound / Archive restoration & treatment

Whether recording interviews with experts, editing archive into a movie or producing large-scale, immersive, cinema-quality films, we have a wide range of skills and personnel required to bring your stories to life – delivering them through techniques from 3D projection mapping or Pepper’s Ghost reflection, to virtual reality and interactives.


Green Screen Filming / Visual Effects / Matte Painting / 3D Modelling / CGI / Compositing / Grading / Image Manipulation / 2.5D / Motion Graphics

Our team is expert in authentically recreating places, events and moments which cannot be filmed in real-life. Whether recreating the heat of battle, placing subject experts or artefacts into a different time/ location or breathing life back into archive with visual effects, our computer generated designs can take audiences anywhere.


Single Screen or Multi-Screen / Touchscreen / Gesture / Image Recognition / AR / VR / Games / Hardware & Software Installation / iBeacon & RFID systems / Virtual Guest Books, Tours

We have extensive experience of creating interactive exhibits from multi-user tables to gesture-based interactive walls as well as augmented reality interactives, virtual guest books, tours and educational games. Our in-house team produces the right interactive for a project’s needs whilst regularly developing more systems and platforms to engage and excite visitors.


2D & 3D / Historical or Contemporary / 2.5D / Motion Graphics / App, Interactive & Large-Scale AV Integration / Wide-ranging styles

Our illustrators and animators create designs in a wealth of styles to match exhibition content, target audience and brand look – from bright cartoon 3D pop-up books to elegant monochrome etched/ scratchboard illustration, 2.5D maps to animated typography. Our designers also work with any initial art/ artist ideas to develop captivating illustrations and animations.

3D Modelling

Historical Experts / Architectural Specialists / 3D Particle & Fluid Dynamics / Accurate Reconstructions / App, Interactive & Large-Scale AV Integration

The authenticity and quality of our 3D modeling is unrivalled in the heritage industry. Working with research, plans and subject experts to produce accurate representations, we have digitally created ships, ampitheatres, cathedrals, castles and much more. Our designers help historians to understand how building architecture has developed – filling the blanks which traditional research can leave.



Software / Tablet ‘apps’ / Augmented Reality / Multi-Touch screens / Content Management Systems (CMS)  / Virtual Tours – Accessibility / Beta & Onsite Testing / Multi-language

Effective software programming lies behind all of our interactives, apps and ‘triggered’ AV experiences. Our programming team has over 20 years experience in interactive software development including the production of galleries of interactive touchscreens, virtual tours, talking heads, CMS databases, apps, games, 3D simulation and multi- language systems.


Interface Design / Graphic Design / Historical or Contemporary / Intuitive / User Friendly / Eye-catching Design

Our in-house designers create software and device interfaces which are easy and pleasurable to use whilst being efficient, responsive and aesthetically pleasing. Working with our AV designers and the exhibition brand, our interfaces expand the delivery of high-quality exhibition design.


Augmented, Mixed & Virtual Reality / Integrated film, animation & 3D Modeling / Tablets / Headsets

We work with augmented, mixed and virtual reality to bring hidden stories, inaccessible areas and visitor engagement together. Whether helping children to engage with their environment, providing virtual tours of hidden places and historic events or aiding the access of limited mobility visitors, we ensure our reality technology is deployed in the best way to suit content and visitor.