Bolsover Castle

Abstracting the past

Concept Development / Scriptwriting / Casting / Costumes / Make-up / Studio /
Chroma Key Filming / Visual-FX / Bespoke Soundtrack/ 3D Design / 3D Models / Hardware liaison / Editing / Encoding



English Heritage commissioned AY-PE to produce an introductory film for their new Visitor Centre at Bolsover Castle.

The film was to ‘wow’ visitors in its look and style, whilst informing them of the extravagance of 17th century life at the Castle.


Sumptuous surrealism

Our client was keen on having a rich, awe-inspiring film, so we concepted and evolved a production inspired by James Bond film title sequences – with the completed film being a dreamlike journey through the Castle, its characters, parties and passions.


Storyboarding a life

Working with EH’s historians, AY-PE developed storyboard and film which revolves around the life and times of the flamboyant 17th Century owner ‘William Cavendish’ famed for his horsemanship as ‘Father of Dressage’ and lover of the arts, architecture and literacy. His life abstracted into a surreal, kaleidoscopic dance though Bolsover Castle.


A wealth of multi-media

Bespoke film-shoots including full historical production and horse management were managed by AY-PE. 3D environments were populated with filmed and stills photograph and heavily post-produced to create a visually rich and decadent look-and-feel. All of the 3D modelling, photography and post-production was done in-house and the accuracy of costume, looks and depictions approved by EH historical team.