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Experiential AV Events

Concept Design / Hardware & Setwork Management / Experience Development / Storyboarding / Scripting / Illustration / Animation/ Graphics Design / Bespoke Compositions / Soundscapes / Lighting/ 3D Projection Mapping / Motion Graphics / Voice-over / Show Design / Install / De-rig


York Museums Trust



For Christmas 2020 and 2021 AY-PE worked with York Museums Trust to create unique Christmas experiences for their visitors within York Castle Museum’s iconic Kirkgate street. 

Tasked to convert the museum’s indoor Victorian street into a winter spectacle of intoxicating sound, lighting, set-looks and visuals, AY-PE designed the full experience from concept to install.

Phase 01

The canvas

As experience designers we consulted on the project from the ground up. We worked with YMT to assess the opportunities and obstacles within their space including electrical supplies, load bearing options and logistical operations in terms of hardware positioning and visitor flow. We also worked with them to find the correct set products eg snow, to cause least harm to their street’s preservation and conservation. 

Phase 02


AY-PE designed  and delivered 3D set pieces to hang from the ceiling and which studded the fake snow lining the streets, along with real Christmas trees. All set pieces and snow were fire and hazard tested and approved to ensure protection of the street and the visitor. We commissioned and installed hardware and adapted lighting so our lighting created a rich, blue hue, to immerse the visitor further in the wintery feel. AY-PE commissioned Fusion LX and Workhaus for their expertise in these areas. 

Phase 03

AV Magic

Our visual shows and bespoke soundscapes / compositions were time controlled to aid the pulsing of visitors through the street. In 2020 the show was based on a bright, playful, kaleidoscopic treatment of the nutcracker which we 3D projection mapped around the various features of the street’s focal end wall. For 2021 we worked with the museum’s curators and developed a beautiful animation in keeping with their Victorian child’s cardboard theatre collection, as we told a hopeful fairytale with the illustrated and animated card theatre characters.


A beautiful show – I never got tired of seeing it!


- Fiona Burton, Public Engagement Manager York Museums Trust (Image: Catherine Graham)