York Minster

Digitally discovering past & present

Concept Development / 3D Modelling / Storyboards / Costumes & Make-up / Location & Chroma Key Filming / Visual-FX / Sound Design / Multi-touch programming / Archive Editing / Encoding / Hardware Liaison

All created in-house


York Minster


Mather & Co

As part of the Undercroft exhibition ‘Revealing York Minster’ we were commissioned to produce 20 digital experiences for a series of compelling, visually rich, interactive chambers underneath York Minster.

Featuring large-scale wall projections showing a 3D model of the Minster and the architectural changes over hundreds of years, numerous interactive touch-screens, liquid label films, to the finale – a nine meter long 3x projection screen showing three unique films shot over the course of three months showing a Day-in-the-life, the Hidden Minster and a CGI film of the Roman Emperor Constantine.

Experience 01


AY-PE created a large-scale wall projection showing a 3D model of York Minster’s evolution from 1100AD. Alongside architectural historians we researched and developed every structural stage – creating a stunning, factual representation of the Minster. Hi-Definition aerial footage was also woven into the CGI – relating present to past.

Experience 02

Cinematic Films

AY-PE storyboarded, developed and produced a 3 x largescale cinematic films including called ‘Turning Point’ which detailed Emperor Constantine’s story. This is a factually accurate film mixing CGI Models with historical live-action re-enactments.


Experience 02

Cinematic films

All of the CGI 3D models and post-production visual-effects were produced in-house including accurate recreations of the York landscape, buildings and settlements in Roman times. Loved the cinema – we sat through two showings of the films about the Minster.


Experience 03

Minster revealed

Several ‘Working Minster’ films were produced, graded and edited including ‘A Day in the Life’ and the ‘Hidden Minster’. We filmed a range of Minster life including stone masons, cleaners, choir master, contractors and more – absorbing visitors in the Minster’s characters, places and stories.

Experience 04

Minster People

‘Minster People’ is a table-top multi-touch screen interactive.  Visitors  select a place from the map to access content on the many people and roles who work in the Minster – giving a sense that the Minster embraces all, not just those work in the more traditional, religious roles of the church.


Experience 05

Object exploration

The Archbishop Walter De Grey interactive touchscreen allows the visitor to freely choose and explore many of the objects which sit adjacent to the interactive, including their meaning and where they were found in the Archbishop’s sarcophagus.


Experience 06

Minster Music

Music and sound is an integral part of the Minster and had evolved in many ways over the centuries. We edited many pieces to create a “Minster Music Highlights” digital interactive – where the visitor explores key historic music which has surrounded the Minster over the years.


Experience 07

Exploring the priceless

The York Gospels are one of only a few remaining items from the Anglo-Saxon Minster and contain, as well as the four Gospels, letters and documents form Deans, Canons and Kings. It is a priceless artefact which cannot be touched.

To give the visitor a memorable experience of the York Gospels AY-PE filmed, designed and produced an engaging and informative interactive enabling visitors to swipe through the digital pages of the replicated book and soak in its incredible history.

We worked alongside conservation experts whilst carefully photographing the book – ensuring the correct humidity and light levels were in place to protect the book whilst enabling us to gather the data required to create an accurate interactive experience. Our design, user interface and programming then produced an inviting, beautiful and engaging exploration of the priceless York Gospels.


A journey through two millennia of York’s history using state-of-the-art displays. Really well presented & fascinating – bringing history to life.


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Concept Development / 3D Modelling / Storyboards / Costumes & Make-up / Location & Chroma Key Filming / Visual-FX / Sound Design / Multi-touch programming / Archive Editing / Encoding / Hardware Liaison